Vacuum Project _ Janine
Switzerland | Studio 

model | Janine​
assistant | Anna-Rosa (Instagram)
photo & edit | Daniel Tscharner (Instagram)

Other project shootings: Li Enya Janine Mercédesz
In this project, deeply inspired by the avant-garde artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi, I embarked on a journey to explore the intimacy and intensity of human connections through a vacuum-sealed environment. The preparation required meticulous planning, starting with constructing a suitable set in my studio. Finding the right type of plastic sheet was crucial to ensure both visual impact and safety. We conducted trials with trained professionals, emphasizing that safety is paramount. Due to the nature of the vacuum setup, each photo session is a race against time, with only about 20 seconds to capture the essence of the moment. To maximize this brief window, I use a dual-camera setup: one fixed above for a top-down perspective and another handheld for side shots.

 My goal is to create a compelling photo book, requiring at least 15 different shoots to ensure a rich and intriguing collection. This project not only challenges technical and artistic boundaries but also offers a profound commentary on human closeness, vulnerability, and the essence of our connections.
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