Three in One

M | manuela P & E | daniel tscharner
We once again ventured into the maze of concrete walls, staircases, and endless corridors of the ZHdK in Zurich for another photo shoot.
Equipped with our Fujifilm cameras X-H1 and GFX100S, the Elinchrom ELB400, and an indirect 110cm umbrella with a diffuser, we set out to bring our vision to life. We were accompanied by our model Manuela, who made the shoot a special experience with her charisma and professionalism.
I chose three different shooting locations.  The first location was a break room with matte green or white walls, which goes over three floors. Here we worked exclusively with the available light.
For the second location, we used the staircase, which is characterized by its simple and generous concrete walls. Starting on the 9th floor, the large windows let in a lot of daylight, resulting in soft lighting with soft shadows.
As the third location, we chose the entrance in front of the cinema and integrated the large lettering "Kino" into the photo. The walls here have an earthy red tone and it was relatively dark, so we set up the umbrella with the flash.
We are very happy with the result and glad that we were able to successfully implement our creative ideas at the different locations.  As always, we worked hard together to achieve the best possible results.
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