The Man with the Horse and the old Bicycle 
Jeju Island_South Korea (photographer Daniel Tscharner)
Two days ago, we took a walk on the Songaksan Dulle-gil Trail on the beautiful Jeju Island in South Korea. There, we came across a heartwarming sight that really captured the charm of the countryside.

We saw an old man giving his horse a drink in a quiet farming field. A little away, there was a lone bike, adding a bit of mystery to the whole scene. There was also an old brick in the field, adding to the old-world charm of the place. It was a peaceful and timeless scene that really showed the spirit of the area.

I used the GFX 100 camera with a 110mm lens at an f2 aperture to take 10 different pictures of this scene. This made the foreground a bit blurry, which made the man and the horse stand out beautifully. Later, back at the B&B, I combined all the photos to make one high-resolution picture, showing a huge amount of detail. It was a perfect mix of technology and creativity to capture such a simple but deep moment.
To experience the full resolution, please download the attached image and view it locally.

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