Exploring Zurich at Night: Capturing the Surreal Colors and Rush of the City Through the Lens
photos and story line | daniel tscharner 
The streets of Zurich were still busy, even at this late hour. The dark mood was palpable as people rushed past each other, intent on their own missions. A photographer was taking random photos, unable to find the focus for a particular subject. He used a manual lens to capture the blurred movements of the people crossing the street.
Soon, he found himself crossing the river Limmat on a narrow pedestrian bridge, heading towards the central train station.
As he walked along the riverbank, he caught a glimpse of an orange shoe illuminated by the passing headlights of a car. The dominant colors of blue, red, and yellow were all around him, adding to the surreal feeling of the night.
On his way, he noticed a group of glamor girls in the lobby of a nearby hotel. He didn't look back, but he could feel their eyes on him as he continued down the street.
With a sense of unease, he quickened his pace and made his way towards the station. As he passed a dimly lit alleyway, he heard footsteps behind him. Heart racing, he turned to see a shadowy figure approaching.
In a split second, he darted towards the station, his mind racing with the possibilities of what might happen if he looked back. As he reached the safety of the brightly lit station, he couldn't help but wonder what other strange encounters he might have in Zurich at night.
With a sigh of relief, the photographer reached the train track on time, happy to have made it before the train departed. As he settled into his seat, he reviewed the images on his memory card, wondering what treasures he had captured. With a sense of excitement, he looked forward to his next photowalk in Zurich, eager to discover more of the city's secrets under the cloak of night.
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