Anastasia at the Luna Park
p & e | daniel
On a beautiful summer day, with the skies filled with an orchestra of colors, we met Anastasia, an enchanting female model, at the annual Züri Fest. Amidst the joyous jingle of Luna Park and a crowd buzzing with excitement, Anastasia stole the show, wearing a breathtaking summer dress from the 60s, blooming with red stripes and white flowers, complemented by a pinkish summer hat, pristine white gloves, and matching shoes.
Our first glimpse of Anastasia is spellbinding - swinging her dress playfully, revealing glimpses of the white fluffy underskirt. The bustling crowd and vibrant hues of Luna Park serve as a lively backdrop, enhancing her radiant aura.
In our next shot, Anastasia leans against the scooters' wall, her gloved hand gently caressing the surface. The blur of scooter cars whizzing by contrasts with her calm, luminous smile as she watches Luna Park visitors pass. It's a picture-perfect moment of pure, contagious happiness.
From a low angle, the majestic Ferris wheel dominates the backdrop. Anastasia, in a radiant smile, swirls her skirt joyfully. Colorful balloons flutter from market stands, where families and couples buzz with excitement. The sun casts contrasting shadows across Sechseläutenplatz, encapsulating the festival's jubilant mood.
The final image in this charming series captures Anastasia indulging in a delightful bite of candy cotton, a sweet ending to a day filled with joy and the vibrant colors of life at the Züri Fest.
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