photos and story line | daniel tscharner 
First Night
Restless and unable to sleep, I found myself wandering the streets of Rom in the dead of night. The rain came and went, casting a soft sheen on the glistening cobblestones. In this monochrome world, the city took on a mysterious beauty. Starways stretched out before me, devoid of life, while lonely bridges spanned the darkened river, connecting the forgotten corners of this ancient place. Despite the late hour, some streets bustled with activity, a symphony of hurried footsteps and distant voices. I captured these fleeting moments, freezing time in black and white.
Second Night
As I continued my nocturnal exploration, a lonely figure appeared in the distance. He walked with a sense of purpose, accompanied by his loyal canine companion and a large grocery bag clutched tightly in his hands. The streets seemed to echo with the rhythm of his footsteps, as if they whispered secrets only he could understand. People hurried about, their faces obscured by the shadows. In a dimly lit narrow alley, I glimpsed a slice of solitude, an escape from the bustling world just beyond its reach. I immortalized these solitary moments in my photographs.
Third Night
Tonight, the weather had improved, and the streets of Rom were alive with energy. Groups of people gathered in front of vibrant restaurants, their laughter mingling with the sweet melodies of a street musician. The musician strummed his country guitar, his fingers dancing effortlessly along the strings. The warm night air carried their music, enveloping the streets in a captivating atmosphere. The popular district of Trastevere was transformed into a bustling hub, as a steady stream of people reveled in the enchantment of the evening. I captured the essence of their joy, immortalizing their smiles and the warmth of the night in my monochrome frames.
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