"Timeless Elegance: A Monochromatic Stroll with Kejia Along Zürich's Enchanting Schanzengrabenpromenade"

M | kejia P & E | daniel tscharner
Last Tuesday evening, a group of passionate photographers gathered for a Meetup Photo Walk in the picturesque city of Zürich. We were graced with the presence of our talented model, Kejia, who effortlessly brought life to the shoot. As we strolled along the serene Schanzengrabenpromenade, Kejia charmed us with her natural style, effortlessly walking and posing in her stunning long skirt adorned with a white pattern of flowers and leaves. Complementing her outfit was a chic leather jacket, providing excellent contrast, and a stylish beret. The cherry on top was her playful use of an umbrella as a prop, adding a sense of whimsy to the session.
The location and model combined to create a truly inspiring atmosphere, and I was thrilled with the photos I was able to capture. Kejia's captivating poses varied from close-ups of her upper body to her standing on a rock near the water, each one showcasing her unique flair and the enchanting surroundings.
Back at my studio, I was eager to begin post-processing the images in Capture One. After reviewing the shots, I decided that a black and white finish would best accentuate the contrasting elements and timeless elegance captured during our walk. Kejia's wardrobe and natural style were further enhanced by this classic aesthetic, allowing the textures and patterns to stand out.
For the final look, I opted for a soft, almost dreamy style that evoked a sense of nostalgia and intimacy. The monochromatic tones, combined with the gentle mood, perfectly encapsulated the enchanting essence of our evening along the Schanzengrabenpromenade. The resulting images not only showcase Kejia's beauty and grace but also pay homage to the magical atmosphere that enveloped us during our unforgettable Meetup Photo Walk in Zürich.
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